What is the difference of having confinement food and regular food from outside? Is it ok that I eat the regular food from outside during confinement since no one is cooking confinement food for me.

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My confinement food at hospital was similar to what you can find in hawker centres. Like sesame chicken, red dates and longan (dessert store should have), and ABC soup. If you wanna eat out, go for simple food with ginger and sesame as ingredients. And have simple soup like fish soup? Pork leg, chicken (if c-sect must wait a while), salmon.. and no other seafood. For daily red dates tea you can buy the prepacked satchet one from NTUC.

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Confinement food is catered to meet the nutritional needs of new mother after childbirth as the type of food will help to nourish the mother’s blood supply and helps to purge wind from the body in addition to keeping the body warm during confinement period. :)

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I think it’s better to have confinement food. If you cannot cannot commit to 2 meals of confinement, maybe just the 1 meal? Say lunch or dinner. At least it helps to nourish your body a little bit more after childbirth

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Confinement food seems to be more nutritious in terms of the ingredients they use, garnishes as well as the sauce. They usually put into small meticulous details for every mommy. Perhaps that explains the price 😂

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I find that confinement food is more nutritious and targeted at mummies after birth. Some of them use milk boosting ingredients too which are great if you are planning to breastfeed!

Can consider just getting the pre-packaged confinement soups. Then the rest of the dishes just ensure that it’s healthy and balanced.

Ti me personally i prefer to make my own as i think its just cost alot i eat alot of green vegetables fruits and drink lots of soups

Can order confinement food also nowadays quite in trend

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Confinement food helps. Perhaps order confinement food?

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the ingredient is good for recovery