Difficult Decisions As A Mum

When you become a mum, you sometimes make the most difficult decisions in your life, more so then work at times. Example... Your baby wakes up at 3am on a work night and it is so hard to get your baby to go back to sleep, you feed your baby for 15mins or so until your baby goes to sleep and you put him/her down and think finally I can go back to sleep... Then the horror... You smell something bad and you look all over your bed and smell yourself but nothing only to realize... The smell is coming from your baby. You take a quick peek at his diaper only to realize he/she took a giant poop. Now your lying on your bed thinking, if I change my baby's diaper, he/she will be awake for another 30mins or so before going back to sleep which means you can't sleep and you will be a zombie at work or do not change your baby's diaper till morning, risk baby getting a really bad nappy rash that you have to bring him/her to the doctor later and never forgive yourself for it. So you make the painful decision of changing your baby's diaper, think after all of that, it isn't worth your sleep so you just not change it the next time till morning, but then you did do that and your baby had a full on diaper rash with broken skin and your baby is cranky because of the pain and you feel like the worst mother in the world... Yes we make the most painful and difficult decisions in the world. Always remember that being a mum is tough and we always try to be the best. So keep your chin up mummies and stay strong as we are our babies superheroes

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Super Mum

Thanks for the encouragement! Indeed, being a mum is not easy. A lot of trial and error and learning from our mistakes

I hope I have the same encouragement from my husband. I felt that I tried so hard but not appreciated at all

2y ago

Hugs.. Have you spoken to your hubby about it?

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💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 an honor. Finally someone really need me😁

Bravo to us

Super Mum

Hugs 🥰