Poop after nappy change - would you change again?

Hey mummies, if in the middle of the night, you fed baby, changed its diaper, and put it to bed and it poops again right after (assuming around 10 minutes after sleeping you heard the sound of poop), would you bring it to change immediately or wait til it wakes up for next feeding (assuming in 3 hours time)? Now let's assume that you bring it to change immediately, and this happens again (poops again after you put it to sleep after 10 mins) would you bring it to change again? Do you have a magic number of times where you would just leave it to sleep with its poop until it wakes again? (For example, keep changing until left 1 hour til next feeding then let baby sleep until next feeding) For the above, assume that you have waited until you *think* baby has done pooping to change diaper, and yet it poops again.

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I will change the diaper but u mention it could be a 50cent coin or staining then I wouldn't change.If is poonami,confirm I will change for sure.If I change more than 3 times consecutively then the 4 time is also about 50 cents coin or staining then I wouldn't change. I agree that it will cause diaper rash if did not change the diaper but I think it will be nv ending,anyway,u will wake ur baby 3 hourly for feeding right. Imaging if keep changing then by the time u will have less time to rest already :( By the u want to take some rest,I think is already next feeding. It depends on individual. Everyone has their own way to manage their kid :)

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I only change if the poop is a lot. if it's just a stain or 50cents coin kinda poop, i will leave it. sometimes i'm too exhausted & let baby sleep in poop a few times. and also cos if change after feeding, baby tend to vomit & need change clothes as well. sometimes after changing to fresh clothes & diaper, baby poop & vomitted again. i get depressed over this changing of clothes & diapers till i cried, so i told myself to close 1 eye if poop or vomit is just abit & let baby & myself to sleep since the next wake time is just a few hours away. but everytime i change diaper i put nappy cream.

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6mo ago

I burp the baby after feed, carry the baby in a caregiver's arm with the head slightly higher than the tummy so that the feed can flow down more easily instead of lying flat on the bed, where the food might travel back up. Also, I inclined the baby bed slightly to assist the flow of food to the tummy too

happens to my newborn too! was a very gassy newborn lol. just keep changing to avoid diaper rash. diaper rash is very painful for baby and harder to manage by then.. if you want to wait to make sure bb dont poo again maybe wait a 10 mins then change. though no guarantee they wont poo after 10mins

i’ll definitely change, no matter how tired, no matter how many times. #1 rash. #2 will you be comfortable to sleep in poo??? #3 it’s soooo unhygienic coming from a mom of 3.

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I’ll change diapers regardless. I’ll also prefer to wash backside instead of using wet wipes if I’m at home. Also, a generous amount of sudocrem will prevent diaper rash~

Change immediately else you’ll risk diaper rash and also sleep with poop smell. There’s also a reason why newborn diapers usually comes in more pieces 😂

I will change the diaper. Poop gets harden over time and that’s even more difficult to clean. Plus it’s so unhygienic!

Change, to avoid diaper rash. As many times as it takes, though I know the number can be ridiculous sometimes haha

6mo ago

Oh no lah not 500, just an estimate, i just went through 5 packets of 88 diapers. Cuz at least every 2-3 hours or after every feeding I will change his nappy no matter diaper full or not. Also in the middle of the night i will change before his feeding (so he's comfy to eat) and if he does not poop i would put him to sleep after feeding, but many times he poops so i will change after feeding also. But very very frequently he will poop or pee during changing or right after changing and I will change again. This makes me really stressed sometimes as this surely happens every day. he seems to have a hobby of peeing or pooping whenever i put him on a new diaper. Sometimes i go through 4 nappies in one diaper changing session thanks to this. Like I wait for a while he doesn't poop or pee but the minute I remove the diaper and put him on a new one, holy moly, pee or poop! Quite frequently, even before I tape up the diaper. diaper changes are very stressful battle. Now after 1 month, I cl

I would change. Else later overflow or cause the pte area to be red. I rather waste more pampers to be safe

I would change. Cause for my baby, he wont sleep well if diaper is full or he poops