What are your thoughts on breastfeeding in public? Would you do it?

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I personally prefer not to, but respect people who can! Almost happened a few times too, since my daughter didn't like being covered during feeds. Actually didn't bother to cover a few times on the plane as well since it was dark and view was obscured anyway. It's really just so convenient and when your baby wants to feed, you just want to nurse right away!

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I would allow my wife but I prefer her with even a bit of cover. Don't get me wrong, I'm pro-breastfeeding but being a little protective, I'm still in the process of letting my wife breastfeed without cover at all

I breastfeed in public both covered and uncovered, until now (my baby is 10-months-old). It depends on the baby's mood. It helps that I'm using nursing blouses so it's still not exposed.

I breastfeed in public but covered or discreetly. Good thing my LO is not easily irritated.