What's your most rewarding experience as a parent?

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Seeing my baby happy in my company and each time when she comes to me and tells me to leave my work and spend time with her, I feel really being rewarded. I mean she literally says, "Mamma, leave your work, and spend some time with me. Play with me." I feel so elated that she thinks that I have it in me that I can become a co-player of hers. :)

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Hi, I do not know which is actually the most rewarding experience. I think the whole feeling that I am the mum, and the little ones are mine is itself is such a rewarding thing for me. I really ca n not pinpoint any one thing, but I think the opportunity to experience motherhood is so exhilarating.

Just being with my children is the most rewarding feeling. I get to see their big and small milestones, and that to me is very rewarding. I don't regret quitting my job to be with them everyday.

Whenever my daughter calls me "mommy" in a sweet and loving voice and when she clings to me and longing for a tight and warm cuddle.

When I see that my daughter prays by herself. I feel that I have taught her very well and imparted good manners.

whenever i see may bby smile😊 its melt my ❤..