Mommies! What was/is your favorite lullaby to your kids? :)

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With my eldest, it's Rock a bye baby when he was 1 month old. But with my second child, we were never used to any lullaby. It's just now again that my eldest son who is 3 years old has a favorite and makes him go emo whenever he hears the song Hush Little Baby. He would embrace me and say I love you, Mama.

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Before I put my daughter to bed, i sing her "My Bonnie [lies over the ocean]" and fortunately she loves it! Such a good lullaby for us that it makes me feel sleepy too! LOL :)

I don't want to be KJ or anything, but at home, whenever we try to make our baby sleep, my wife and my mom-in-law sing praise and worship songs.

I remember when my mom used to sing twinkle twinkle little star to me right before I go to bed! She has her own way of the song to put me to sleep :)

Yung lullaby na nandito sa app na to. Ang lungkot lang, hindi ko madownload πŸ˜… para sana maiparinig ko pa din sa baby ko kahit offline ako

I too, just like Stan sings or hums worship songs. For reasons I dont know she likes it more than any songs I try to play or sing for her.

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my grandma's lullaby for my little brother,i memorized it and even me i can sleep with it

Bahay Kubo! I don't know, for some reason he sleeps so quick whenever I sing it to him.

She loves Lavender`s Blue,the soundtrack of Cinderella.

Lavander's Blue and Moon River are my favorite lullabies.