What was the biggest change you noticed in your partner after he became father.

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There was no drastic change in him after the baby was born. Ofcourse, he would hold her in arms and felt nice looking at her, but as soon as he was out of the home, he was this bachelor guy as before. He did accomplish his responsibilities as a father, monetarily but not being physically available. It was not till the baby turned 4 that he actually started behaving like a father. Now, he misses her when she is not around. Try to be home on time because he wants to spend time with her. Takes her shopping for her dolls and clothes. He has just stepped into the shoes of a father. ;p

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The biggest change i have noticed is how much he have sacrificed to work for the family. He used to meet his friends for a drink almost every week. He will always come home around 4am and goes to work again at 8am. Ever since no.2 is delivered. he changed, (yes he didn't change immediately aft no,1) He only started to settle down and changed once no.2 was born. Now he focuses TOO much on work till he hardly ever had time for family. He always puts work on his top priorities and often neglected his family. I guess he still needs time to balance out things in his life.

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Never knew my husband knows how to do housework. We had dated eight years before we got married. Never once saw him did any housework. Once I am pregnant, he knew how to mop the floor, bath my dog and does the dirty plates. Fatherhood made him a very good helper at home. He is so involved with my little girl ( he only stares in his PC doing everything he could before we have a child). Fatherhood brings the best out of him and I am so impressed!

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The biggest change I notice in my husband is he works hard for the family. He started gym to keep himself fit for the lil one. Spends a lot of quality time with family. Very happy and proud of his son. Goes all out to give him the best.

For me it was a negative change - he distanced himself further away from us and started pulling disappearing acts less than 2 weeks after I gave birth. It eventually led to him having an affair and we are now divorced.

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He finally looked "settled"... Hard to explain, but there was a "sorted" air around him. ;)

He looked quite anchored and didn't miss socializing as much as he did earlier.

my partner getting more mature, caring. even helping out housework at home.

more responsible! especially in keeping the house clean.