Illegitimate Status on Child’s BC

I have learned that illegitimate child will not inherit anything from own parents, is it advisable to process adoption of your own child or what will be the best move? Father no longer wants connection with the child.

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Yes. Me and my hub we are not legally married but my baby birth cert have his name. We were suppose to rom but things gone bad we are now fighting for this child according to my lawyer I'm supposed to make a will if I were to remarried and have kids again. Under the law my child won't get anything if I pass on.

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2y ago

If not legally married yet but birth cert have dad’s name & intending to ROM soon is the child still considered illegitimate?

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That's so sad if I may say so. As it is an illegitimate child will not be able to receive many benefits from the govt. So yes it's advisable to write a will. You may wish to Google some local legal advice websites or consult a lawyer .

You cannot ask for child support upon adopting on your own child. So plan your move carefully!

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better check with a lawyer regarding this for more accurate information.

Country not stated so it can be different with different country laws

Do you have a family lawyer who can advise you on this?

Check with a lawyer on this.

Get advice from a lawyer