What type of toys should I buy for my 3 months old daughter??

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The best thing for baby this age is rattler. Get some sound making rattlers for her and she will be the happiest. You can also get some noise making toys. Like a parrot that you can keep in front of her and he talks or make a noise.

You can buy blocks. Three year old also like to play with soft toys. Also since she is a girl she would like to play with dolls I think. My daughter has also loved dolls throughout so hope she too will.

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You can buy colorful stuffs. Rattles, Soft colorful books which will be useful in few months down the road.

You can try colourful soft toys like lamaze . IT will help the baby with hand , eye coordination

Hi. You may find this article useful -https://sg.theasianparent.com/toys_that_promote_creativity

Yung mga tumutunog na fisher price.

Colorful ones especially rattlers!

U can buy for her Rattle, teether

Rattles or. Teether are good.

Rattle .... that too colorful