Baby's Toy For Normal Play Time and Showering Time

Hello mummies , may i know what toys would you buy for your LO to play? My LO is currently 3 months old going to be 4 months old in a week not sure what toys is necessary to purchase 😅 Hope mummies would help me out 🙏🏻

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boats for shower! helps with coordination because scooping. floaty things for shower just watch out for mould in rubber ducks and stuff. big balls for holding or balls with holes like an o ball. teething stuff is always great around this age. link toys shakers rattles. safe stuff that are easy to clean and wash since everything will go into the mouth ALL THE TIME🥲wood toys are good but not good for washing and disinfectanting Sometimes shops have sale like mummy market/mothercare even toys r us. but theres always the trusty shoppee and the vouchers la. but not too many toys. better yet toys that are multi purpose or not rigid can play up till two years old for pretend play. throw in cause and effect toys too like xylophone, buttons to press etc

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Find sth tt has texture and sounds. Flash cards, books would be good too to improve baby's vision. It can also be as simple as jiggling keys in front of baby and move it around her so tt baby can practise turning the head and lifting the neck up for longer periods. Can even put a mirror in front of baby during tummy time or a toy tt moves to get her interest.

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Toys that are safe and do not have small parts. Colourful and have some noises. rubber duck for shower? 🤣

I give those rattle sound toys, teething bites, squeaky sound toys, soft toys/books that has sensory touch.

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Lazada and shopee has a lot.