My daughter is 1 year and 8 month. What type of toys or learning activities can I teach her?

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I suggest get her bath books, pop-up books. Infant pop-up books are the best for kids this age because they open up and let the kid have a nicer view of images and can understand them better. Apart from this you can simply give her paper and a pencil to scribble or a colouring book to colour. And encourage her slowly to colour within the lines. Follow the link below and you can pick up from various activities for your baby.

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hey mom, at this age there are loads of toys and activities that your baby will love to get involved in. check out these cool activity ideas that you can engage your baby in: and here's a fun list of activities to keep your little one busy the entire day

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there are so many toys out there that you can give her at this age. show her how to play with basic jigsaw puzzles and blocks. teach her to build things. you can get her a host of books that have pop-ups and need her to imitate what is written in the book. puzzle toys, colouring and sticker activities are also fun ways to learn.

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You can get a building blocks for her. This will help in engaging her motor skills and mind as how to get them together to make something out of them. You can also get clay dough for her and you can sit with her and guide as how she can roll it together to make things.

We have taught our daughter like who is the prime minister of India? National bird and such other things. Educative toys didn't help her much as she thought its boring

Musicam instrument will really do. Try the wooden ones if possible.

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