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Mommies, where do you usually buy toys? And what type of toys?

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I buy educational toys or toys that everybody can play. I wait till there’s sales. Toyrus, online, etc. Lately I borrow toys from toys discovery. All premium toys and I don’t have to buy it. Once my boys are bored with it, return and borrow new toys!

5y ago

What's the name of the website? Is it toys discovery?

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You can get from amazon! Magna tiles and puzzles are great :) they also have STEM/STEAM toys.

Blessed to receive second hand toys from friends, or try DIY! It could be really fun

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Ezbuy, Tabao, Toy R Us. I like developmental kind of toy.

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I mostly bought from toyrus or takashimaya

Shopee! Rattle toys to entertain kid!

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Kiddy palace is a great place(:

toysrus and kiddy palace

Super Mum

Try intellectual toys