What toothpaste do you use for kids below 1 year old?

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May baby silicone brush even without toothpaste nakakalinis ng milk teeth. Ito yungsilicone brush that you insert in your ppointer finger.to clean teeth and massage gums of my babies.that's what I did.then.then when I started training them to brush on their own at 2-3 years old I let them use happee toothpaste

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I used Sansfluo for baby when he had his first few teeth kasi un ang usually nababasa ko. I also tried Kodomo. I honestly did not see any difference. Sa flavor lang I guess mgkakaiba ung effect pag ginamit ni baby.

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I used Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothpaste 0-2 years old. just apply a very THIN smear amount for brushing 2x a day. no need to rinse to maximize fluoride protection. my twins never had cavities.

Actually, a wet gauze will still do even without toothpaste as per pedia. That will help clean the teeth of the baby. Pero pag more than 1 year old na, bring your baby to the dentist na.

Aquafresh Milk Teeth raw is okay. My LO doesn't have teeth but that's what I'm planning to use :) it has the recommended amount of fluoride for kids kasi

I love kodomo, my boy used to be on pureen but then he refused it after trying kodomo. You can also try First Teeth it is for babies younger then a year old.

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Hi Ms. Ling where can i buy kodomo?

We use Earth's Best from Healthy Options. My daughter loves the strawberry banana flavor! Not so much the blueberry.

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Does it have flouride?

Tiny Fangs by Little Bud in strawberry banana flavour.it's available i. Mercury drugstore, supermarkets...

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same here my twins loveeee it

Stage 1 Tiny buds baby tooth gel.. pwede syang toothpaste or to soothe teething pains 😊

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Yes po. Nasa instruction po.