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Chicken and Veggie Nuggets or Shapes

I'm sharing you my own healthy recipe for kids and kids at heart,i hope you and your kids will like it! Ingredients: Pastry puff(store-bought) Chicken (boiled and himay na) Potatoes (boiled and mashed) Spring onions(finely-chopped) Button mushrooms(minced) Garlic(minced) White onion(minced) Malunggay(finely-chopped) Sesame oil Soy sauce Salt and Pepper Sugar Cheese Vegetable oil(for frying) Egg (for egg wash) Tools you need: 1. Cookie cutter 2. Spoon for scooping 3. Fork for pressing the edges 4. Rolling pin (i used metal straw 'cause hindi pa ako nakabili ng rolling pin haha! Saka manipis lang naman) Procedure: 1. Mix everything aside from the puff pastry haha! Kasi gagawin mo syang filling nun. 2. Roll the puff pastry and Choose your son's/daughter's favorite shape/design or pwedeng circle lang. 3. Put the filling at the center of your puff pastry and press the edges tight. But be careful not to break the pastry. 3. Don't forget to egg wash your finished nuggets/shapes for that crispy-puffy look. Tartar sauce: 1. Prepare mayonnaise and garlic. 2. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. 3. And a little squeeze of calamansi or lemon juice. 4. Mix and tadaaaa! As for the measurements i'm a tantsa-tantsa mommy,inexperiment ko palang kasi sya and it turned out really well and my kid loves it ☺️ For more questions just comment down below. It's my 1st time sharing this recipe ☺️ I also made this for my son's snack time for their costume party last week and it's a hit! Akala ko ma-eechapwera kasi home-made pero surprisingly may natira pang 1pc. Hahaha pinoy habit nga naman ofcourse,kinain ko na ? happy cooking! If na-try nyo please let me know kung masarap ba sa inyo or if you have any suggestions about the recipe or ways to cook it! I thought of putting it in a lumpia wrapper na din ?

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Chicken and Veggie Nuggets or Shapes
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