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Laundry Detergent
Mommies, ano ang gamit nyong laundry detergent? Ok ba ang Breeze with Power Care Technology? 2 yrs old na twins ko so pwede na namin isabay mga damit nila sa labada namin. Sabi kasi ng kapatid ko ok s
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Bet ko toh gamitin sa white clothes ni lo for me di masyadong matapang amoy niya for a detergent with active bleach. Breeze user here :)
Nung 18mos si panganay, minsan sabay na damit nya samen. Same detergent na. Onti lang nilalagay ko sa damit nya tapos banlawan ng maigi. No fabcon muna sa kanya.
Any doctor here?
Hi TAP Mommies! any pedia or nutritionist out there? :) need po sana for an interview 🙏🏻 thanks!
Share the gender of your kids using emojis! ????
boy 👦🏻 girl 👧🏻 pregnant 🤰🏻 I’ll start: 👦🏻👧🏻
Favorite play area in Metro Manila
Looking for more play venues for my kids! ano mas gusto nyo? Gymboree Kidzoona Cheeky Monkeys Kids City Active Fun Kidzania others Share rin po sang branch ung pinaka ok para sa inyo! Salamat m
how about the other mommies? ano po mas type nyo
Kinder city evia
VIP moms
Sino po mga VIP moms dito? Tell us a little something about yourself! 🙋🏻‍♀️
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✋24, Bukidnon, Philippines! I am a proud Mindanaoan woman, an enthusiastic modern mommy of a chinito prince, a Stay at home single momma, a mompreneur, an aspiring blogger (actually I just started b
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Me sia, im 37 and a mommy of Two, proudly SAHM for 3 yrs, an aspiring mommy v/blogger, mompreneur
Potty Training
What age na potty train ang baby nyo? share your tips how to potty train
We were late in potty training our first born. He's already 3 and baby number 2 is on the way. The most effective for us was rewards system. Remember to praise him and tell him he did good job wheneve
Back in college we had a subject called developmental psychology. When is the right time to potty train a toddler. When your child begins to put things where they belong, when your child can demonstra
Worth the wait ❤️
How long did you waited till you finally got pregnant or how long have you been trying to conceive? It took us 7 long years till we had our twins and indeed they were worth the wait. How about you mo
It took us 2 years before we had our first baby. For baby number 2 it took 6 months. My greatest blessings indeed. 👩‍👦‍👦
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3mos after
Naniniwala ka ba? Ano ang mga pamahiin na madalas sabihin tungkol sa pagbubuntis or sa pagpapalaki kay baby?
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Naniniwala ba kayo sa nga pamahiin?
Mommies, do you agree na napaka daming pamahiin tungkol sa pagbubuntis at para sa pag alaga kay baby? Alamin alin ang dapat sundin at alin ang pamahiin lamang. Sumali sa aming special segment sa Lin
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September 2019 Babies
a few weeks to go Mommies-to-be! sino dito ang mga soon to be September babies? Hello to all of you! Alam nyo na po ba ang gender ni baby?
meee. with my baby boy. so excited 💖