What is it that you are most excited about year 2017?

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At first i was looking forward to my freedom cause my second son will be going into childcare (i been juggling work and looking aft my son at the same time for 4years) But now, discovering my 3rd baby, i guess i get to enjoy this short lived freedom only. HAHAHA

Hi, I am excited about getting into action and doing new things, going on holidays. Also, I am planning to buy land in the Hills somewhere, so hoping it all happens in the coming year. I am being selfish, but this is what all in my mind right now.

I am so looking forward for my eldest to enter pre-elementary for the first time. My youngest daughter who's turning 2 years old, I also plan to enroll her this summer so she can gain experience.

I'm excited that my son is going to school for the first time. There will be a lot of preparations and changes with our routine, but I know it will be all worth it.

I am so looking forward to see my baby learn how to walk in tiz yr! Cant wait for him to walk & see how cute he is, walking clumsily as he is chubby!😂

I am anticipating some good news regarding my work, so excited to step into the New Year quickly and get that news.

Getting a promotion at work and getting a salary raise!

Starting a home business!

Getting a degree!