Happy New Year moms... I'm so excited, so many things planned, and extra focus on my daughter... how about you all? What are your new year resolutions?

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Happy New Year Pooja! I have decided that I will try and take my daughter off screens as much as I can and only let her watch TV for thirty minutes to an hour every day. Besides, that I will encourage her to indulge in more outdoor play.

Hey Pooja, A very Happy New Year to you as well. My ew year resolution is a bit ambitious, and that is to be patient with my daughter when she throws tantrums and drove me mad last year. ;) I hope I fair good this year.

Hi, I plan to go back to full-time work this year. I am really scared about it as how would I am going to leave my children back, especially my youngest one. Hope all falls in place. Fingers crossed. :)

Happy new year to you too... And no, no resolutions this year at all...just focusing on being happy healthy and positive and spending more quality time with kids as well as me time

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Happy new year! well my resolution is to be more patient to my boys and my husband. and be a better mother and wife to them

Happy new year pooja =) I'm planning to start a home based business and I'm so looking forward to it.

to visit more activity sessions and workshops and outdoors with my kids.