give birth normal

What are some tips of giving birth normal??

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Walk more :) Think it helps

Yea, even my neighbour advise me to walk more for smoother natural birth

What I heard is keep walking and walking. I'm in my first week of 9 months, and trust me... I've been so active from the second trimester till now. So far, I'm feeling healthy. Exhaustion, yes but not so much. Some believe that walking and a little bit of exercise helps for upcoming labour. Nevertheless, everyone has a different opinions.

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As in natural birth?

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Have a long walk every evening

Dates.. if u follow sunnah. 6 dates a day nearing labour. Best of best food

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Walk more, swim too... good for full body exercise and does not strain your muscles.. Oh! Weeks before my EDD, I like to sit and lightly bounce on my exercise ball. I believe it helps gravitate baby into the right position for birth ;)

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light exercise

Keep walking for smoother delivery