Giving Birth

How many weeks are you when you gave birth? CS or Normal?

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1st baby 38 weeks..Emergency czer 2nd baby 40 weeks..Emergency czer

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First son 39 weeks normal birth; second son 33 weeks c-section

38 weeks. C sect. Boy. My 3 kids are all c sect.

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#1 - 40 weeks emergency csect #2 - 39 weeks natural

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40+1 induced, normal delivery with vacuum assisted

1. 39week normal 2. 39week emergency czer

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Around 36 weeks, Normal with epidural (:

2y ago

38 weeks is 2 week pre mature term

37 weeks. Natural with epidural at kkh.

On due date naturally without epidural

37weeks, Cs. Not me, but my wife tho.