Giving birth

What are the chances of you giving birth early? What are the symptoms

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Are you asking about pre-term? Cause 37 weeks is considered full term already. But in general, anything out of the ordinary happening weeks before your due date. Contractions Bleeding Water bag burst Concerns with baby’s growth Concerns about mother’s health (preeclampsia or other complications) And the list goes on. Watch out for these signs, and contact your hospital for advice.

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mum siti hawa Chua gek marine can see doctor k.k women and children hospital so please mum siti hawa Chua gek marine and now you have 8months pregnant yes ok if you can't curry haviy ting ok wait mum siti have you have give birth your baby girl come out first finish waiting from 6months and then you can going outside work ok be-carefully yourself mum siti hawa Chua gek marine

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