What are the safest and easiest Filipino fruits and veggies for a toddler to eat?

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Tropical fruits like mango and papaya are great sources of vitamin C which will help keep baby's gums healthy, prevent bruising, and keep infections away from the body. Bananas are also known to provide a variety of nutrients. All 3 fruits are safe for toddlers aged 7-8months and up. They can be mashed easily and thus make great and safe choices for baby.

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The most advisable veggies for babies are potatoes (mashed or boiled), squash with breastmilk (preferably), boiled carrots, sayote which you can cut into strips and practice baby led weaning as early as 6-7months. For fruits, there's bananas, apples, avocado.

You can try mashed potatoes, squash, carrots. It's really easy to prepare and I'm sure that kids will love it. Seasonal fruits are also a good choice-- Bananas, mangoes, avocado, papaya.

My safest and easiset list are: Veggies: sayote, kalabasa, potato, malunggay, gabi, labanos, carrot Fruits: mango, banana, apple, avocado, papaya

Banana and avocado are the safest and recommended by pedia. Mango is good as well but not much because it's high in sugar.

Veggies: Sayote, monggo, squash, carrots, potatos Fruits: bananas, mangoes, avocado, papaya, melon, grapes, strawberries