what's the purpose of putting on mitten & booties?

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Super Mum

I put them on only when it’s too cold. I have no issues cutting the nails with a nail clipper even at 1 week old, so I don’t use mittens for that purpose.

Super Mum

Mittens during the 1st mth do they fomt scratch themselves because cant clip their fingernails yet. Booties to keep feet warm

Prevent your LO scratch him/her face. Past few days weather so cold, I also put for my LO Mitten and booties

Mittens help in avoiding baby to scratch himself and booties help in keeping their feet warm

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Keep them warm and also prevent them from scratching their delicate skin

Its mainly to prevent their nails from scratching their sensitive skin.


Mittens to prevent them from scratching and booties to keep feet warm.

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My baby scratch herself till bleeds. So I often put mitten

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keep them warm and prevent them from scratching their face

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Prevent scratching their face! The socks is for warmth