help a sis out. tia(:

what are the most important things should i pack for my hospital bag?

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Maternity pad was important to me as I didn’t like the hospital one. I bring along a thermal and TMC can refill it with red dates, teeth brush and face wash, TMC also provide changing of clothes daily so I didn’t use my PJ, handphone charger!


Depends on which hospital u at. For sgh, baby clothings and all are provided, so u only have to bring stuffs for yourself like toiletries, disposable panties, charger, breast pump if needed.

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One set of going home clothes for you and baby and docs for admission. Most of it the hospital will provide. But it's good to check again for with your hospital :)

baby clothes, breast pump, a set for u to go home, phone charger and MITTENS N BOOTIES! u wouldn't want ur lo scratching their face

Baby discharge clothes. And your discharge clothes. Bring your pump if possible

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Maternity pad is important and clothes for u to wear during discharge

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Phone charger Maternity pad

Phone charger