What is the best birthday gift for 7 years old girl? I want to give it to my friend's daughter. I want to give her something like iPod, is it too much or no?

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why do you want to give a gadget to such a small kid? depending on her taste you can give her so many other thigns. for instance, if she likes to read you can give her a one year subscription to a kids' reading plan, that could be a monthly home book kit or maybe a subscription with a particular kids' magazine brand or something. you can also give her fun tool kits that she can actually use to make something. an i-pad is a really easy option and something that has so much negative effect on kids. instead of spending your money on that i think speak to her parents to know her interests and then gift her something

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Crayola Virtual Design Pro Our kids are obsessed with these sets, which brings your kids’ illustrations to life through a free downloadable app. In fact, it was named one of our top tech toys for kids of the year. The fashion set is definitely a win for future designers who want to see their creations “walk the runway” on animated models; but it’s the car set that really dazzles, with an iPad game that lets you race your own car after it’s designed.

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Rather than an item, I would buy her experiences. How about a pass to KidZania Singapore when it opens? Not only will it be entertaining, but it'll also be an educational experience for her which will stay in her memory, long after the iPods have gone to the trash. http://www.kidzania.com.sg/about-kidzania/what-is-kidzania It's hard to suggest what is "best" because you'd have to ask her yourself what she wants.

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Since it appears that the girl means really special to you, buy something you know she has interest in. Get something that she really longs for. Girls this age are quite into dolls and doll houses and stuff. And if you don't exactly know her choice, I think bunch of entertaining and informative or storybooks would be an ideal gift.

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For 7 years old girls, some girly gifts such as Lego, Dollhouse, Art&craft sets e.g. water beads and etc. Do pay a visit to Toysrus to get some inspirations. In addition, you can ask the girl what is her favorite character, e.g. Frozen, My little Pony and etc. so you can narrow down your search.

My standard gift to all children is a bank CD. If they don't have one yet, it kickstarts a good saving habit for the child. If they do, it's a nice addition to saving for a solid financial future. May not be the most exciting but these kids will appreciate when they come of age.

If you want to give gadgets, how about kindle instead? If not, you can also check with you friend what is her daughter's current hobby and get her something related. :)

I would rather give a 7 year old an exciting experience. Like passes to universal studios or night safari. Something she can learn from or have fun with.

how about lego? they are good investment and promote creative thinking!

I will tin Lego or story book is a good