What should I gift my daughter on her first birthday?

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at 1 year your baby will not really understand anything about the gifts. for her it will be just another toy that you get and she will be happy. you can start an account in her name and start saving for her. my husband and i regulalry do this for our daughter and she will get a big chunk when she turns 18 that she can then use for her higher studies or whatever. you can try something like that

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trust me, if you are throwing her a birthday, you'll get too many gifts to last her at least a few months. we started investing in paper gold for our kids once they turned 1, and have bought a good amount of gold for them each year on the birthday. it's quite a sensible gift that will help them in the future.

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A 1-year-old is too small to remember or cherish any gift. Apart from gifting her toys, dresses, books, you can give her a policy in her name, any investment for her future which will help her in the long run.

Awww.... she is too young to even know that you have got a gift for her. Apart from investing on her name you can get a nice sound making toy for her that she would like whenever it moves. :)

Make an investment in her name...start a PPF or MF. A policy or investment in gold is also a good option.