How much of an age gap is there between your little ones?

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I would say 3 years age gap is just nice. My elder one is quite independent when my second one is here. After baby has arrived, she is able to help me in taking care of the baby such as feeding milk and changing diapers. If the difference of age is too small, parents might find it overwhelmed to handle 2 babies. On the other hand, if the age gap is too wide, siblings will hardly play together as the interests will be totally different between them.

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My older daughter is 6.5 years older than my son. When I was pregnant, I was pretty concerned that they wouldn't bond because of the age gap but I was so wrong! My son when he was in my tummy, he wouldn't start kicking me rapidly each time his sister was around me. Now that he's out, he gets overly excited everytime she's with him. She doesn't have to do anything. Sometimes I get her to JUST sit next to her brother and my son would stop cry and start squealing. My daughter on the hand is a very typical older sister. She plays with her brother all the time, reads to him and even scolds him e.g. she would say "cannot smack Kakak must sayang!" It's very endearing to see the two together.

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3 years

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2 years. Tiring since they are close in age but it makes planning for activities easier, since they have almost the same hobbies now. Easier to share clothes and toys, books too.

2 years apart

2 doter to lo...11yrs gap

4-5 yrs

Oldest 11yrs and 1yr 9month

my daughter is 15yrs old now i'm 5 months preggy

nearly 4 yrs