What do you give your kids for breakfast before school?

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I usually just buy different packets, oats, barley, and some raisins and mix them on your own. it is cheaper and healthier. you can also add in other dried fruits like cranberries or slices of prunes. It gives it a sweeter taste.

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Their choices are usually one of the following... Cornflakes/ cereal with milk Toast with peanut butter / cheese Hard boiled egg (if they request) That’s it!

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Noodles, egg and toast, wraps, French toast, grilled cheese, chicken sandwich, egg fried rice, leftovers from the previous night's dinner etc.

I would prepare sandwich with eggs and ham or with nutella spread for my kids. Sometimes will get cereal for them.

It’s so tough to make my daughter eat. I end up giving egg n a glass of milk for breakfast. Is it enough?

Oats, Homemade cereal, bread with jam, on good days, egss with toast and they love it!

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Any recipe for homemade cereal for sharing?

1) Warm milk 2) bread, muffin or biscuits 3) cereal like cornflakes

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a small portion of bread and she goes school to have breakfast too

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Oats. But they don’t always eat.

Sandwiches or store bought bread.