What breakfast do you normally give for 8.5 months old baby?

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When I am babysitting for family or friends' babies, breakfast would consist of small cut up pieces of fruit, formula milk (or ebm) and a bowl of baby cereal. There are days when the babies get a wee bit fussy and will skip the cereal. But as long as they drink their milk and some fruits, their parents are fine with it. This website has several simple ideas for breakfast and other meals that you can try out for baby. http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/stage2-baby-food-recipes.htm

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I have always been giving Hipp cereal for all of his breakfast. If his morning like is quite late then I will consider giving fruits purée or BLW. Sometimes I will mix purée into his plain cereals

I am doing BLW with my kids so I give her homemade pancake, mantou, bread with organic jam, fresh fruit, organic baby cereal puff etc.

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can share the homemade pancake recepie?

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If baby is good at eating solids, you can try mini baby pancakes. If not oatmeal with fruits is a good start of the day!

We do blw so he has pancakes, steam buns, eggs, sandwiches, toast, oat bars, cookies and so on. The possibility is endless

You can try: - Rice cereal with breast milk or formula (and sometimes with fruit/veg puree) - Porridge

whole meal banana pancakes at so good. delicious and yummy! with a bowl of milk by the side :)

Here is the recipe.

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Yes, but I normally find online and make changes to it to suit my girl. We are doing BLW so she is eating whatever my family is having just that hers is without salt, sugar and seasoning.