What confinement practices are you planning to do?

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I would say rest as much as possible during confinement period, to let the wound heal well and to generate more milk supply. I was running around during 2nd child confinement due to elder one has hfmd and i need to place my newborn at my relative place. Thus, I don't get rest enough and milk supply is very little. Now i am pregnant with no.3 gynae commented that my womb has dropped very low and now i can feel the effects. Old folks told me numerous times please rest well during confinement and now i know it has the reasons behind. Thus, for the coming confinement I will do the following: - wear long sleeves and socks and avoid direct fan blow. - bathe only after 5days delivery of my baby. Wash head after 1 week, but only 3x a week. I try to minimize to touch water as much as possible. So i will not bath my newborn and will let my MIL and mom do it. - i will engage massage lady to help me to expel blood from my body and heal faster. - i will try to take more confinement food with wine and gingers so to make my body warm and healthy in future. Drink as much red dates tea as possible too.

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I did not follow confinement strictly and only chose to follow those which I found logical. - showered and washed my hair everyday with hot herbal water as it is important to maintain hygiene. - ordered confinement food delivery - did postnatal massage to move the internal organs back to their original positions I walked around as much as possible and was very involved in child-care (this is contrary to the Chinese beliefs of lying down for most part of the day whilst others look after the baby). My milk supply was more than enough, and continues till today. A lot of it depends on your diet. I would say the MOST important thing is for the mother to be relaxed and happy. If it makes you miserable having to follow a particular rule, then tweak it a little or scrap it altogether. http://pregnant.sg/articles/confinement-practices-in-asia/

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1. Took confinement food because I really liked it 2. I did not shower everyday but I wiped myself up at least twice a day. 3. Rested well and stayed on the bed to help in womb recovery. Also more to recovery from the strenuous labour and pumping. 4. Stayed home mostly unless for baby checkup 5. Engage jamu massage lady to massage 6. Took lots of tonics to build my body back

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