Annoys you

What annoys you the most as a parent?

Annoys you
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I like your question! So many things annoy me honestly! My mil loves to 'teach' me what to do. She tells me not to give too much this or that (veg) in my porridge to my 14.5mo girl. During our recent vacation, each time my daughter fusses in the car (self-drive trip in Aust), mil will lament: your baby is hungry. give her milk right now! (the intensity in Eng is less strong. try translating in hokkien or mandarin...) It is so annoying bec you as a mother knows best n it gets on ur nerves when she sounds demanding n bossy...

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A lot of things annoy me..but i know better now compared to 2 yrs ago when lo was just born.. the number 1 thing that annoyed me was when ppl start comparing other babies and then keep saying its ok babies are all different. then compare again and say the same thing again..its like a cycle..

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I guess is bad behaviours my child picks up elsewhere/in school 😞 and the worst is when you can't control even though you've taught them a thousand times that's a big no no ...

Others who try to stick their noses in without any action and full of words and comments

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people giving 'valueable' advises as though we dont know whats right or wrong.

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When people think I'm too young to understand/know anything about parenting.

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Peer pressure from other mommies Bad behavior learnt from friends in school

People who keep thinking they know bAby better than I do.

Inlaws thinking that they are the expert in child care.

Not having any space or time for myself

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