What is the strongest emotion you have experienced as a parent?

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Yeah, it's a mixture of amazement and despair. I get amazed at her learning when she says the right thing at the right moment without we having taught her about it. She just picks up these words from adults and fits them correctly in her situations. I also remember being in tears at not being able to soothe her on our first day back home from hospital. And, feeling despair when she fell on her face and had bloody teeth and gums :( I was alone at home and was almost shaking with fear!

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I would say my kids made me feel like a superwoman. that feeling where I can see everything they hide, repair everything they break, heal all pain just by a kiss, solve any equation, serve the most delicious chicken curry(according to them)....etc. only through their eyes do I feel a sense of accomplishments...

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I'd imagine it is a toss up between love, pride and at times, utter exasperation :)

Anger and hatred first. Followed by resignation and small amount of pride and joy.

Immense love that cannot be described in words..!