What are the annoying things about raising children?

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annoying!!!!hmmm....I wouldn't say it's annoying...I would say a helpless feeling. parenting is difficult and satisfying both together. I feel it gets a bit distressing when I feel that I'm not doing it right. if I'm disciplining my kids...I feel im doing it wrong...it's always whether it's too much or too little or not at all....or the fact that I'm the bad one here just kills me....if I'm feeding I feel the same ....if I'm teaching them something...same thing...it's always the same feeling...I feel I can never match up to that mom who according to me is "on the greener side" the perfect mom. but I have my good days too. when my kids come and hug me, call me best mom or kiss me or something silly...those memories I keep in front and move on. it stops being annoying when you say it never annoying!!!

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I think dealing with their tantrums during the times when you yourself are in an annoying mood or tried and stressed about something. When you yourself are drained physically, you get annoyed, else the best part of having kids is, watching their tantrums and being silly and all those things which we cannot do being adults.

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The most annoying stage for me was the terrible threes, where my kid turned into a little self centred monster and would lie on the floor in the middle of the road or a shopping mall and chuck a fit and bowl and bawl scared than chuckys bride herself. Just thinking back about that 6 months gives me the absolute shudders!

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Like Yuna said, it's exhausting and fulfilling both at the same time. The first few weeks are pretty demanding. However, as kids become more and more interactive and independent, the involvement shifts from being demanding to becoming fun.

I wouldn't call it annoyance but I'm sure all parents can agree that it is exhausting - mentally, emotionally and physically. But at the same time, it is just as enriching and fulfilling.