What advice would you give your younger self?

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To always be fearless in everything I do. I wasn't always that way when I was in my teens -- If I could I would tell her to not overthink things and just let go and let God because good things seem to happen when I do :)

believe in yourself and enjoy your life while still single. don't rush yourself into getting married. save up some money for future and spend more time with parents/family.

enjoy life first instead of marrying early and give birth early.. haha.. it is so tiring now. to think back I haven't even enjoy myself before kids.:-(

To spend more time with my own family members instead of friends. Now that I am married and in overseas, I have less chance to see my parents and brother.

I would tell my younger self never to give in to peer pressure. Spend more time trying to love myself and stop trying to focus in pleasing others.

I would tell my younger self to care less about what others think of you, be confident about who you are and what you do or want to do.

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I would like to tell myself to less worry and always be grateful also to follow my passion and not to sweat the small stuff

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Don't care about what others think. It's your life. Follow your heart. Your passion and make all of your decisions yourself

To seek medical help earlier so that i can achieve more in life and be a better person, wife, and mother to my family.

To live like there's no tomorrow! Try more stuff and enjoy the moment. Don't think too much and just have fun!