For parents who have done a newborn baby photo shoot, what's the one piece of advice you would give? What would you change if you could go back and do it again?

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If let me do the newborn shoot for my baby again, I will use my own props and baby costumes due to hygiene reason. My baby developed some rashes after using costumes provided from studio. I guess it could be due to dust from it. Also, I will choose to do photography session at home instead of studio. Reason being it would be more manageable: it is quite tiring to travel with newborn to the studio as alot of things needed to prepare and it would be easier for me to breastfeed my baby in my own home.

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A friend of mine was super excited to get her baby's photos done professionally but she realised that she did not really appreciate the poses that her baby was put in during the shoot. Some of the poses were really "unnatural" like baby (who's sleeping) propped up to look like he's thinking (arm/hand under the chin haha). She still loves the idea of baby photoshoots but with more fuss-free, carefree, natural poses.

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1. Check price for additional prints 2. Bring along any cute props 3. If there's a particular shot you want tell the photographer before he starts 4. If doing at home, keep the house warm with no cool breezes 5. Feed your baby a bit more just before the shoot to make baby sleepy

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