prenatal massage

went for my last massage before delivery yesterday, well only manage to secure 2 slots in total bc of finance wise and no time to go. so basically i went for the first in nov, she massaged very gently. felt not effective but i just brush it off and thgt maybe the next which is the last one session will request someone stronger or something. and yesterday i managed to bring myself back there bc im having very bad back and calves pain. and a stronger lady this time tho i didnt ask for it. it was ok. at times super strong but handleable. after the whole massage, my body got abit of uncomfortable sensation. brushed it off again bc im in the hurry to leave. waited for partner to fetch me, my whole tummy area felt like a pulling sensation with sharp pain. my back hurts so bad i almost cried being alone there. reached home in 11/10 pain and uncomfortable, showered and slept thru the pain. i can really feel my whole tummy is getting super uncomfortable and my back pain hurts mad till now. my breast also feels super sensitive after the lady massaged it. its so painful and uncomfortable that i cant continue sleeping ??? im so mad at my condition right now!! QNS IS!!! is after massage supposed to feel extra sore? TT went there feeling ok, go back feel more worse?

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Back pain is a sign of labour. You may want to call your gynae to check

2y ago

its like on and off tho. one whole day can be back pain, the next few days bearable pain to no pain 🤔 im confused. sorry ftm here 🥵☹️