Diarrhoea at 36 weeks

I started having diarrhoea all of a sudden at ard 1am last night. Whole body felt super weak as if kept on going in and out of toilet, my stomach was the one in pain the most cos as i was feeling the cramps, my baby kept on kicking and moving around nonstop so it hurts extra and i was just very weak. now it’s 5am, the pain has subsided but i do feel the urge to go toilet and poo again and again. could this be contractions?

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Nope just diarrhea. Im 38w and been having diarrhoea and loose stool since 34/35 weeks too and just goes on every single day. Gynae prescribed charcoal medication and also do drink 100 to keep yourself hydrated. I believe our hormones play a part that caused the stomach problem. And also might be something you consumed

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