Signs of labor or Braxton Hicks??

37+2 - been getting intense lower back pain for few days already & it last almost whole day. everytime my back pain it will move to abdominal area which leads to mild cramping(sometimes the belly pain feels like sharp shooting sensation) the pain is bearable at times but these back pain and abdominal cramps causes aching all the way down to my thighs & calfs. is this braxton hicks or contractions? are these signs that labor is nearing? shld i go to the hosp ? #firstpregnancy on top of all these , i get lightning crotch as well . and my stomach keeps tightening and soften

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Sounds like actual contractions. Did you time the frequency? I'm at Week 38 + 5, and I'm getting both Braxton Hicks and actual contractions through the day. For me, the contractions feels like menses cramp with my tummy tightening up, and they don't go away when I lie down on my side. My gynae told me to head down when the contractions happen at 5 min intervals within an hour. But mine is like more than 25 min now, so I'm still waiting at home. If you're really not sure, call up the hospital? Or just head down and get them to check for you?

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4y ago

i have yet to time the frequency cos the pain is so constant i just lie down haha. ny started with back pain then it moves to my tummy feeling like mild menses cramp and then the pain will build up. my tummy hardened when this happened but its not hard like a ball & my pain doesnt go away when i move or change position as well🤧 thank you tho! i probably will time the freq & call up to check with the hosp before making a trip down.