false alarm? braxton hicks?

so from my last topic thati posted: - slept throughout the night, woke up at 3+am for a pee and only felt tightening. i then woke up again (now) at 6.20am and felt tightening but still bearable. yesterday night was intense back pain and time to time the pain moved forward and the pain i had does not go away no matter what i do or no matter the position i changed. pain intervals was about 10-15 mins apart and lasted for 15-30 mins each. now i'm wondering.... it happened for 9 rounds of pain in total but j am able to sleep through and only felt tightenings for those times that i woke up. is it braxton hicks or real contraction? i'm confused...

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This might be mild contractions that you are facing but the interval are minutes far apart. You are not in active labour yet. However, if you feel discomfort please call up the labour. Looking at your birthclub seems it is nearing time. Perhaps just your waterbag still full and yet to break.