do you also watch animation movies with your kids? i have never liked them and just fall asleep in the theater. so i stopped going as i think its a waste of money. but my kids feel i don't enjoy spending that time with them. what do you do? do you always go even if you don't enjoy it at all?

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Usually as far as I have seen men enjoy animated movies alot. You can ask your husband to accompany them and you could join them sometimes so your kids won't feel you are not interested to spend time with them. You can spend time with them in other ways too, to make them feel better.

i have started using animation movie time as my sleep catching up time! earlier i would hate going to theaters for animation movies, but as my child loves it so much i have to go. so, while hubby and kid enjoy the movie, i take the time to relax and sleep in a cool AC room ;)

i think i have the same problem as you. i just cannot tolerate animation movies, and find it difficult to sit through all of it. i can't even watch them at home, and my kids always complain that i dont like to sit with them and see what they love so much.

I love animated movies! They are so much fun. And if you see the animated movies of today, they seem sooo realistic that you won't feel like you are watching an animated movie like Lion King! Go give a chance to animated films for your kids atleast :) !

i dont like animation either but my husband loves them like anything! so, if there is a movie that my kiddo wants to watch in the hall, he will go for it. while i go for the non-animation ones.

I do love animated movies! The best thing you can do is split the movies. Animated ones your husband could take them, you could take them for the non animated ones.

Yes. Because it's about the children Deb, and not all about you.

yes I do