GDM at 28 weeks pregnanct

Was diagnosed with GDM at 28 weeks , nurse called and went for zoom briefing regards the glucose meter blood take every 2 days in 1 week. Its my 1st day starting to self check at home using the glucose meter and my morning check was okay at 4.8mmol/L But as for 2 hours aft bfast at 10am , 5mins b4 lunch at 1255pm and 2 hours aft lunch at 3pm . All the reading was 7.0mmol/L , 7.1mmol/L and 7.3mmol/L . Is it normal ? I only ate small amount of food that the dietician suggested and drank plenty of plain water only drank soy milk during bfast the rest of my meal i drank plain water . The nurse gave a range of 5.5mmol/L to 6.6mmol/L aft 2 hours of every meal. Before meal the range have to be 4.4mmol/L to 5.5mmol/L But it seems like aft 2 hours it always go up to 7.0+ mmol/L

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I’m with kkh, following up for gdm too. It could also mean that your body is facing insulin resistance. My gynae doesn’t encourage me to starve, so she’d get me to try changing my food choices. Interestingly, not everyone responds the same way to the same food, and eating at home and out can get very diff results. For e.g. eating mee sua at home, keeps my glucose levels down, but eating mee sua outside always spikes my glucose levels. The endocrinologist that sees me tells me that it could sometimes be additional sugar used outside to cook the soup and we dont realise it that way because we cook our food differently. So good to explore and find some foods that doesn’t spike and might have to stick to the same stalls. I have seen gdm forums where a small group of mummies’ sugar spike when they take soya bean. Which a lot of mummies would not believe and finds it odd. Personally I was surprised too. But they tested their glucose levels and it really spikes. Take a bit time to explore and try out even foods you crave for. It’ll be quite manageable after a while. Dont worry about it! And, actually 7 is not super atrocious figures (my gynae tells me this cause my morning glucose keeps spiking), but of course, I am already on meds and they increased my meds to help me manage it better so that I can still eat normally, and baby gets the nutrients he needs.

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Try taking a walk after each meal. Like a short walk would do. I had it during my pregnancy. I actually did some squats before taking the test 😂 Be prepared though. After giving birth, the first gynae check, you would need to do the glucose test again. That blood test, glucose drink, blood test. But this time only do two blood test instead of three. Then the nurse will call you if you still have the GDM. Mine was a funny story. I did mine. No calls. Suddenly two days later the nurse from nuh called. I was like “oh danggit. This means I still have GDM”…turns out, the nurse only asked “hi you did the glucose test two days ago right? Do you remember if you drank the glucose drink after the blood test? Yes? Okay that’s all. Thanks!” That call gave me a scare!! 😂 but I’m fine now. No need to follow up on anything ahhaahaha

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I also have GDM at w28. My usual diet: Bfast: Chia seed oat overnight pudding with skimmed milk 1 type of fruit OR 2 slices Low GI sunshine bread with unsweetened peanut butter 1 cup unsweetened soy milk Lunch: half rice at economy rice shop 2 vege no sauce kind 1 egg or fish or meat. No gravy or curry. Dinner: same as lunch. Or bee Hoon. At times I buy Mr Coconut fresh coconut water or fresh milk series for 4pm snack. It doesn’t cause a spike. Or I drink unsweetened soy milk. Fruits - take it at abt 10.30am which is in between bfast and lunch. Don’t take fruits at night cos it will cause a spike. Hope this helps.

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try walking after every meal, and also change the type of carbs u take. as for me basmati rice so far my sugar level doesnt spike. as for milk can try change too. cause they say usually it contain sugar. i'm 37 week now still have my ups and downs. mine is my fasting sugar level is always borderline eventhough i dont eat before i sleep. doctor say i really have to control cause its too late to start me on insulin.

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hi! i suggest you do some light exercise for 15-20mins aft meals.. dont sit arnd after meal. for me it really helps. and do not take ur snacks too close to the next meal. try to portion ur carbo also. make sure ur veggies portion is half. it worked for me so far. im with kkh too. its soooo troublesome but no choice :/ gd luck!

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Watch your hidden sugar intake too. Pastries, rice, and even certain fruits are high in sugar. What I did was to do portion control, say 1/2 portion of nasi lemak, and replace with more veg/fibre intake. Best if you cook prepare your meals, so you know what exactly u put in the dishes. I hope this helps, U take care😘

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Hello! My gynae told me walking after eating helps alot and its true. You can try walking 15-30mins after eating or before pricking. While downing loads of plain water. That’s what i do if my sugar is high and i need to bring it down fast. Good luck😄

small portion of food doesnt mean that sugar will not go up.. still need to take a decent amount as the body still requires it but take lower GI food if possible. all the best!

Try to do 15mins walk after eating lunch. Its help also bfore chck for your after lunch. I do that always ☺️

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Try adding chia seeds to oats. Prepare it overnight in the fridge. It helps to balance the sugar levels. Don’t add sugar to ur oats.

Mind if I ask, which hospital are you following up with?