Gestational diabetes

Hi mummies, I was recently diagnosed with GDM so we were told to monitor with it ourselves at home. Today before breakfast my level was 4.7mmol/L but 2 hours post eating, it went down at 4.3mmol/L. Is this dangerous? Because it should increase after meal right? #advicepls #pleasehelp #pregnancy #firstbaby

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nothing to worry about .. as long you maintain your food intake , all will be fine .. had GDM too w both of my babies , your reading is consider ok mummy ! 😁

2y ago

thank you so much for sharing! I feel better now :)

Seems ok your reading. I used to have readings like 3.8 etc 😅😅 i tink it also depends what u eat...

2y ago

My readings are usually taken 1h. So its always like 6/7 kind 😂 Just curious. U start ur 2h reading from the time u started eating or?