GDM at 28 weeks pregnanct

Was diagnosed with GDM at 28 weeks , nurse called and went for zoom briefing regards the glucose meter blood take every 2 days in 1 week. Its my 1st day starting to self check at home using the glucose meter and my morning check was okay at 4.8mmol/L But as for 2 hours aft bfast at 10am , 5mins b4 lunch at 1255pm and 2 hours aft lunch at 3pm . All the reading was 7.0mmol/L , 7.1mmol/L and 7.3mmol/L . Is it normal ? I only ate small amount of food that the dietician suggested and drank plenty of plain water only drank soy milk during bfast the rest of my meal i drank plain water . The nurse gave a range of 5.5mmol/L to 6.6mmol/L aft 2 hours of every meal. Before meal the range have to be 4.4mmol/L to 5.5mmol/L But it seems like aft 2 hours it always go up to 7.0+ mmol/L

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Mind if I ask, which hospital are you following up with?