Just want to rant. Married to my husband and stayed at his place. The helper has been there for almost 20 years. She can cook and knows what everyone likes. But she really doesn’t clean well. But my hubby family are easy going and didn’t care much. Same for me until we have babies. We hired additional helper to share the workload, but this old helper always complained to me about the new helper. This and that. And I also found my new helper likes to lie. So we sent the helper back. After the new helper left, the old helper is doing what exactly she complained about the new helper. Always hide in the toilet when u call her. Always never clean the baby bottles properly. Always use the phone when seeing babies (she used to say my friends taking care of babies all don’t have phone one). Always take our videos and put on her social media. And sometimes take until not doing work. Ok. She might be thinking we cannot live without her now. So I’m now looking for a new helper. Been looking for a while as I have 3 young kids. But no luck with helpers. Either don’t want to see 3 kids. Or don’t want to work with another helper. Anyone has any recommendations for agents or agencies? Looking for ex sg helpers only as I prefer someone who can speak English or Chinese. But looking at only Myanmar or indo.

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