Want to rant! my Husband wants to be hands on dad and willing to help out with newborn if I need his help. We are both extremely tired because taking care of newborn with zero help is jus exhausted. So weekend came and I look forward to it so that we can co-parent whole day. However he rather spend LO nap time to watch tv then at night he will be v tired n give me the "I'm-so-freaking-tired-and-i-still-have-to-help-out" face. Whilst me, I quickly take the opportunity to take naps while LO sleeps. N thruout the night I still do my "night duty" plus pumping. He still help but I jus hate it that he gave a face n help. Who ask him not to catch some rest when LO is sleeping!

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Yes, it is very tiring furthermore if this is your firstborn & staying at your own house w/o the help of elders to assist. However, it is good to know that you have a husband who is willing to help you even though at times he will let out a big le sigh or give that resting bitch face. He got no choice too, right? As a wife, we just need to learn to start appreciating our husband more, eventhough his little effort is to take and throw the diaper away. Dont until he ignore all the cries, all the milktime, even bo chap to help change a soiled diaper, thats when u wish u want ur old man back.

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