working mum who dun get help from parents/inlaw

Wana know how working mums manage to pick their kid from childcare after work and go back cook, feed dinner, bathe and put lo to bed if lo usually sleep early lile 7.30pm or 8pm? And without parents/in law help and no helper.

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Here's my timeline: By the time i reach hm would b 5:30pm -Get ready his bath of warm water - get ready clothes to be worn after his bath (All these will be laid on the table so no rushing anywhere n leaving him unattended) - get ready boiled water (since i dun have an electric one n use a thamos to keep it warm thru the night) - get ready portions of his milk for the whole night feeding (so i dun have to rush when i need it) - wash all his previously used bottles n strealise them cause in the morn i usually dun have the time since i have to send him to daycase n rush to work straight - get ready his daycare bag for tomorrow morning so i wouldnt have to rush in case of cranky morn mood After all these i may have like half hr to myself b4 fetching him at 7pm from daycare.. 😊 So use tht half hr wisely to rest..

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