How is such arrangement possible?

I planned to work but I have no one to help out. Many employers didn’t want to hire me upon hearing no one can help me to send my child to school or fetch child from school on dot daily. They were also very concerned that I can’t reach workplace on time each day as they met such working mums previously which eventually left the jobs or were asked to resign nicely. Therefore I went to check with some friends and they commented it’s very unlikely to send both child to childcare and have enough travel duration to report for work on time if there’s no help around. And the vice versa when after school fetching issue. I also agreed on this unless the working parents have engaged a helper or grandparents to help send the child to school and from school back home. If not, I really doubt there’s enough time to do so. For those who really make it without any helping hands, pls advise what methods you use so u can reach office on time on morning and reach school on dot after work in the evening. Thank you for your precious feedbacks & advices in advance!

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My sister made it w/o any helper but her child's CC is just in front of her block so I think that's what makes things easier. Either she or her spouse will fetch their child, whoever can reach home first. There are times that my nephew will be left alone for a bit cos both of them finished work late. Also, my nephew's in a special school so my sister has to rotate from sending to school and CC. Some times if she cannot make it on time, my parents will help out but this is rarely lah. Her company is very understanding of her situation. I totally feel you. I ever went for an interview and I was asked the same when I told them that I don't need to worry about my kids since my MIL are taking care of them while I work but sadly, I didn't get the job. I think for now, until you get used to your situation and maybe find a helper or a babysitter, find a workplace that is near your home so it's easier for you to run here and there. Just my 2 cents.

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