baby cannot be seen

im 6week pregnant then i go to see doctor to scan,but she tell me that my baby is not there.she said maybe it was too it normal if i cannot see the baby in week 6?

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yups its normal...i also have the same experience.

just like me.the doc said there might be erly pregnancy or ectopic.very sterssfull that time..i was adimtted to hospital and the doc took 2 set blod test for HCg within 48 hours. .and the result is +ve.on 2000. and 3025 Hcg.but they didnt saw my baby i did TVs 4 times.the last TVs i did, the doc found something .bt they cannot sure wther that is my bby or i hve been discharge by the doc on last friday. on this thursday the doc want to follow up me again..they want to do scan again to make sure is it my bby or not. i hope everyrhing will be fine..

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same with me.

Next scan appoinment don't forget to drink before scan. Bring bottle 😆. Cause the doc told me maybe cannot be seen cuz my bladder is empty so cannot see clearly.

that's normal. i had an ultrasound on 8th week of my 2nd pregnancy but nothing is seen clearly, no heartbeat, very small not so clear baby. the doctor repeated scan a month later and there's the baby, so clear with his heartbeat. for now, don't worry so much, take very much rest, stop doing heavy work or heavy lifting, do less house chores, that is what my doctor and nurses adviced me at that time. and congrats mommy

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same with me..hope everything will be fine..n the doc will see my shaa allah..

Masih awal.. Cuba scan pd week 8 ke atas

Yes, its still very early

Still early. Usualy can only detect the heart beat.

Same with me, I went in thinking I was 9w5d. They do the ultrasound and there's no baby. She said the sac is measuring 5w5d so I go back in 2 weeks to see if the baby is there. I'm very scared but hopefully everything will work out. Here's my picture 5w5d

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it's normal for 6wks...