Speechless maybe twin baby

went to clinic scan..doctor informed me now I'm 7weeks 5 days..I can hear the heartbeat & see my baby heartbeat..I'm cried ..but make me much more speechless, maybe my baby twin..WHAT??. but the 2nd baby cannot detect the heartbeat . me & doctor can see 2 entity..2nd baby small then 1st baby..so doctor not sure I am twin pregnant or not..who have experience same as me..please share..I'm so nerves..need to wait another 2 weeks scan again to confirm twin or not

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Tulis jawapan

Try to stay positive and not worry too much. worrying is not good for you or your baby (ies) in this condition. Hoping for the best for you. good luck!

good luck =) has your baby bump started showing?

3y ago

yes very big now just like 3 to 4 months pregnant..haha..