I'm currently 30weeks pregnant, if I divorce with my husband now, will I need to forgo my 4 months maternity leave at work?

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Plz help there something I don't understand when i'm went to my checkups i'm pregnant my HR didn't pay me but i bring the paper he say i'm not sick is that legal

5y ago

Are you referring to pregnancy related medical bills ? If you are, some companies like my own has exclusion on pregnancy related medical bills which means they do not cover this. Do check your company's medical policy for its exclusion list.

It will not affect your maternity leave, but it will affect your baby bonus as single mum will not be entitled to any baby bonus.

By the time the divorce is finalize, you would have given birth -.- may I assume the child is not his?

5y ago

She asked whether it is his anot also because when u r facing divorce, doing baby birth cert will be an issue because u need both u and ur spouse ic to do the birth cert, secondly is the surname of your child and whether ur child is legitimate or not. So before divorce, hope you consider the factors that will affect the child too. I will not state the obv that a broken fam is going to affect the child mindset in future but to me since married and got kid alr only try tahan lor..

Why not hold it till after your maternity leave. Take this time to rest and think over.

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no. your divorce has nothing to do with the maternity leave at work

7y ago

It will def affect you and your child. Your child will not have a complete family. Why do you want to consider a divcore? it is not easy raising a child alone.

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Divorce and maternity leave 2 different thing

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No, will not affect your maternity leave.

Won’t affect.

It won’t affect. I was not married during the time of my daughter’s birth. And I can still enjoy 4 months of leave . But I’m not sure if you can still enjoy the baby bonus. But normally divorce takes around 3-4 months to finalise. So I suggest you register everything before applying for a divorce.