Is it normal to be more sensitive to what your Mother in law says when u are pregnant?

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I think so... despite we call our in-law as mum, but still they are still not our real parent. They would still care for their own child welfare more. But the above sentence is still very subjective , some in-laws are like Angels..

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During pregnancy, it is normal that women get more sensitive in Everything. Some Mum-in-laws are fine and some are not. It all depend on the situation and family background🤪 Take it with a pinch of salt😊

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Usually a woman’s hormones goes off whack during pregnancy and they become more sensitive. I am usually level headed by world cry at the drop of a hat when I was pregnant : )

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Yes definitely...Not just to mil but literally the whole world🙊 Just ignore them and try and get your mind off things that make you unhappy.


Yes, most definitely. As a woman, I hate to blame our hormones, but in this case, your hormones are wreaking havoc in your body.

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yes it's very normal! Not only to your mother in law. basically to anyone. pregnanacy makes you more sensitive to everything

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Last time was saying my breastfeeding choice, then keep saying to give fm coz my breast milk like not enough, then feed my no 1 medicine don't use syringe, don't spoon and agar agar.. don't care about overdosage.. no 1 sick, tell her not to feed this and that don't listen.. gave so much trouble to me and hubby.. then recently said weird and irritating comments.. zzz

Thank God I have no MIL but I have a SIL and whether pregnant or not also the same. I don't like and get super annoyed

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I am 5mths pregnant nw. To the extend i hate both my inlaws and i refuse to go back their house for nw..

Yup. Ithink it applies to any and everything. We tend to be more sensitive when pregnant due to the hormone changes.